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                  It is true that anybody can take a picture but only a photographer can bring it to life.You need to have a special eye for that, an out of the box imagination and patience. Some are born with it and some develop it by repeating the act of observing and clicking. Yes you read that right “observing” you need to find the extraordinary in the most ordinary things. A good photographer sees the unseen, untold and unsaid, he unfolds the stories of the universe hidden in the form of nature by capturing it forever. My lens is my third eye , an eye that helps people to see how beautiful everything is. Two years ago, I started photography as a part time pursuit, i would often ask my model friends to be my subject so that i can brush up my skills but their responses were always cold. I tried assisting the photographer friends but in vain. So that is when i turned towards mother nature and that not only gave me solace but I also got to practice my skills as a photographer using the best light available on earth “the sunlight’. ‘Nature’ as my subject gave me courage and fulfillment and I was hypnotised by its beauty ,calmness, characters-tics…..ALAS! i would post my work on social media or share with friends and i was very well appreciated for it. I started spending more and more time with my camera and soon it became my full time profession. The funny thing all my model friends now ask me , if i have time to photograph them. And i say ‘sure anytime’. The beauty about photography is that it says so much without uttering a single word or a well constructed monologue .It shows stories without any movement and puts up an act without any action. Stills are the shortest movies ever made. Born in Ahmedabad , but skilled in Mumbai. i have come a long way now ,i am a Dedicated and energetic Photographer and extremely Well-versed with advanced photography equipments. I specialize in various types of photography including fashion, wildlife, lifestyle,Ultraviolet, nature, street, black & white and travel.


RELEVANT SKILLS • Aesthetic sense • Understanding of conventional and digital photography • Experience with digital photography and computer-aided photographic software • Good eye for texture, space, design, and color balance • Well-versed in still, motion, color, and black and white photography • Current driver’s license with excellent driving history I am still eager and inquisitive and curious as a child to learn more. Each day I learn something new, and knowledge definitely is never ending.And when it involves something that is your ultimate passion, then there is nothing fulfilling and satifying as that.For me , its always been,is and will be my love for 'photography '

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